• Add: No. 7, Songlinshan Road, International Chemical Industrial Park, Zhenjiang New Area, Jiangsu, China(212009)
  • Contact Person: Wang Guohua      Mobile: +86-13003442895
  • Tel: +86-511-84417435      Fax: +86-511-84411179
  • E-mail: wgh@xxflameretard.com
  • URL: www.xxflameretard.com

Zhenjiang Xingxing Flame Retardant Co., Ltd.was founded in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu in 1991. It is a professional manufacturer of halogen-free environment-friendly flame retardants such as ammonium polyphosphate (APP). The company firstly developed and produced APP with high degree of polymerization (above 1,000) in 1999, and passed the state technical appraisal and gained titles of high-tech product and high-tech enterprise in 2000...